Dance Recital Videograpy

The cost for each DVD set depends on the number of families with dancers enrolled at your dance studio. For example, if there are 150 families then the cost for each DVD set will be approximately $45. If there are 200 families, the cost will be approximately $33.

The dance studio will collect the payments from the parents. We will set the cost for each DVD set prior to enrollment. The cost for the DVD set will need to be added to the price of enrollment so that each family will receive one DVD set.

Silver Streak Media will send one of our videographers to your area the night before the dance recital and then he will film the recital with 2-3 cameras. We will then edit the footage, submit it for you to review, and then duplicate the DVDs. We will then ship the DVDs to your dance studio and the families can pick them up at their convenience.